Roth Pictures
a picture says 1000 words
a collection tells a story


My name is Emily Hart Roth and these are my images, but not my stories.

Here is my story.

My home base is a small bungalow in Venice Beach, CA.  My family and I split our time between the sun and surf of southern CA and the remote shores of Lake Superior – our spirit home.

My work with the local and national branches of Farm to School earlier in my career is the essence of myself as a photographer.  Their moto is to bring local agriculture to city school lunch rooms.  I am country, earthy, simple and homegrown – yet I live in the fast-paced, concrete, complicated world of big cities, first NYC and now Los Angeles.

I ask all my clients for their stories – why did you start this company, restaurant or develop this product.  What was your inspiration?  For Lauren Hutton she wanted to teach women how to wear makeup.  For Martine Schwartz of La Mer Collections – she wanted to travel and play with color.  Kathryn Wiel of Esters Wine Shop – wanted a beautiful place where she could talk about one of things she loves most – wine.  And so – my job – is to take those stories, and say it through images.  I want the client to look at the images and be reminded in a positive way of why they do what they do.


Creative Fee:
Clients are charged by the image and I work with them to create a budget that works for both of us.  I encourage clients that foresee needing ongoing photographic needs to consider a relationship that I call STAY
Start with a base library of images
Take time to see how those images are used 
Assess and update images as needed
Year-end check in.
By using STAY the client has the opportunity to spread out payments over a period of time (this is very helpful when starting a new business) and they do not have to commit to getting all their material in one shoot.
Production Fee:
The basic production fee includes all post processing work.  Raw file conversions, color correction, curves/level adjustment, basic retouching, cropping, and a gallery of online images and set of both hi-res and low-res jpegs.