Climbing Into December
Climbing Into December
Nature Based Learning / January 16th, 2018 1:54 pm     A+ | a-

​From EverWildLA
December brings the shortest days and long dark nights.  This December for a lot of southern Californians we both saw and felt the effects of the fires seasons extended rein.  Mother Nature is full of wonder and her power is great.  We see this in the "huge" formations of rock, we feel this as our toes clutch the littlest crevice and our hands grab for a tree root to hoist ourselvesup along.  We are feeling respect.  We are feeling connection.  

Due to the fires in the North many people were displaced during this month.  We met Shine Rilling and his son Alaeika and invited them to join us on our adventure.  They in turn invited us to join them in learning the ritual of  Peace Sticks  Thank you for this gift to our EverWild tribe. 

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