Getting Dirty
Getting Dirty
Nature Based Learning / June 12th, 2017 3:21 pm     A+ | a-
"Yeah - my kid likes playing in 'it' but I don't"  says a mom to me yesterday after she had pulled her child out of the stream because she was getting "too dirty"  
I thought about it later as I walked my soaking wet child who just had to catch that one pollywog back up the steps to the fancy wooded restaurant.
I had watched the joy on the young child's face as they lept down the stairs and headed for the sand and stream kicking off her flip flops and jumping on rocks. I had observed as the little toddler brother immediately picked up sand and threw it into the stream watching the way it sprayed as it hit the water.  Kids do love "it" - nature - they love the freedom of knowing and trusting that the rock is going to be strong, the sand is going to be grainy, the water is going to be wet.  They can trust this and they can feel strong in that trust.  
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