EARTH; Composting Into Soil
EARTH; Composting Into Soil
Nature Based Learning / May 30th, 2017 2:05 pm     A+ | a-

On a hot dusty May morning dragging stuffed toys, carrying their shoes and adujsting their hats the children of EverwildLA come into the shade of a big tree at the Kenneth Hahn State Park.  
It doesn't take long for the kids ages 5 - 11 to get settled and begin poking their hands in the soil Elizabeth has brought to make into a worm farm.  "How many hearts does a worm have" one child asks.  Everyone hmms and hahhs and the magnifying glasses come out in hopes of seeing exactly how many they DO have.  It's national composting month and EverwildLA is taking full advantage of learning more about how to make good rich soil through composting.  
Enough sitting though - time to get out exploring.  What I noticed right away was that the children - although intrigued by the layed out paths and bird feeders made available to them by the park - they were drawn to the underbrush.  They wanted to "see what's over there" and once one child started off into the great unknown the rest seem to follow right along.  "They don't always have to be able to see us" says Amanda the troup leader "but they do have to be able to hear us when we call"
"Ahut, Ahut" 
Time to gather for meal and a regroup.

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